CV Writing Service

Offering a professional CV Writing & Rewriting service across all sectors, from school leavers to senior executives.

“You never get a 2nd chance at making a 1st impression”

Is your CV giving future employers the right 1st impression?

Have you been applying for positions and not getting anywhere?

Could your CV benefit from being reviewed by someone who knows what recruiters are looking for when a bundle of CV’s land on their desk ?

With over 20 years’ experience of viewing some really bad and really good CV’s – working with SME and major blue chip companies we have spent years learning what recruiters want to see, which formats are easy to read, what information they do and don’t want to know about and helping people secure not only the interview (which is the first milestone) but ultimately the job!

For many years we have worked closely with Jobseekers and Recruiters alike on a daily basis and also have extensive knowledge of how job board optimization.

We have worked with candidates facing redundancy, ex-military entering civilian employment, return to work parents with career gaps, long term unemployed, school leavers, graduates etc.

And we have worked with most types of skill sets including:

Health & Safety
Team Leaders
Skilled Machinists/Craftspeople
Design Engineers
Project Engineers/Managers
Research (Laboratory/Metallurgy etc.)
Logistics (Warehouse/Transport)
Supply Chain
Care Workers

……too many to mention them all!

We have also worked with military personnel assisting them in their search for work in civilian street, return to work parents, long term unemployed etc.

What we provide is a personal service which is much more of a consultative approach and is provided with an honest delivery. This can be a review/rewrite of your current CV or designing your CV from scratch.

Some people have a starting platform and others may require a full CV – whichever the case our service is a flat fee of £50 including VAT.

Upon receipt of payment (via PayPal) we will ask you to send your current CV or we can provide a fact finding form for you to complete (to enable us to gain the information required to start your CV). Once we have received this we will start the design process (contacting you if we require further information) and will then send you a first draftwithin 24 hours.

If you require any changes to be made after the first draft we will do so free of charge. You will then receive your new completed CV in a word document which you will be able to edit/update at a later date if required.

***Now for the grey area – it is by no means uncommon for someone to have a very good CV already in place. Should this be the case, and if in our professional opinion you have little that can be changed, then we will be honest with you and refund 50% of the fee paid****

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have – please feel free to message us.